WEBAC 1403P - Component A 9.65Kg - Component B 10.25Kg


WEBAC 1403 P pure polyurethane resin. Structural sealing and crack repair. 

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WEBAC 1403 P pure polyurethane resin. Structural sealing and crack repair. 

WEBAC® 1403P is a long time proven PUR injection resin for sealing and compressing cracks. With its moderate foaming reaction, WEBAC 1403 completely seals the pores on the building component.

Areas of application:

  • Crack repair in concrete according to EN 1504-5 (EC-Declaration of Performance 2+)
  • Injection of injection pipes
  • Repair of waste water and sewage systems
  • Sealing of construction joints
  • Horizontal barrier in masonry, especially with higher water stress classes
  • Waterproofing of cover strips
  • Lateral seepage in concrete
  • Sealing of construction joints / gravel nests and connection joints of prefabricated walls
  • Sealing of excavations
  • Waterproofing injection into masonry and open-pore concrete structures (including compacted concrete)


  • Capillary sealing, consolidating
  • Quick-sealing foam structure in contact with water
  • Low viscosity
  • Universal and safe to use
  • Adjustable curing time (with WEBAC® B14 gas pedal)
  • Can be used with gas pedal even at lower temperatures
  • Totally solid

Component A: 9.65kg

Component B: 10.25kg



Fiche technique Webac 1403P

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Fiche de sécurité Webac 1403P-A

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Fiche de sécurité Webac 1403P-B

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Fiche technique FR Webac 1403P

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