Vespa velutina, commonly known as the Asian hornet, is a variety of insect belonging to the Vespidae family, native to Asia. It was unintentionally introduced into France over 20 years ago. Today, this species is present throughout France and in many European nations. 

The Asian hornet measures around 3 cm and is characterized by its yellow legs, hence the nickname "yellow-legged hornet". However, do not confuse it with the European hornet, which is larger. 

If possible, inject on the side of the nest. Otherwise, push the tip of the pole deeply into the inhabited part of the nest. As soon as the tip comes into contact with the nest, inject the powder so that it spreads sufficiently throughout the nest. 

This will prevent the tip from becoming clogged with nest material or hornet larvae. If the hose or tip clogs, use a compressor blower to unclog it. 

At the end of the treatment, avoid purging the hose to conserve the product, unless the next intervention is scheduled beyond 24 hours.

Equipment for Asian hornet treatment


Powder sprayer

Powder sprayer with compressed air connection. Ideal for the destruction of hornet's nest, Asian hornet