ROOF treatment


Safety harness kit

Anti-fall safety harness in kit, ideal for roof removal. Delivered in a backpack with : - 1 ecoblock - 1 energy absorber - 1...

Telescopic extension 3x2m

Telescopic extension with self-locking device, can be adjusted to the desired length, ideal for roofing and spraying at height...

Manuel Sprayer 12L

Manual sprayer 12 liters. Side pressure handle for easy use. Good comfort and good support of the back straps. Telescopic...

IK6 6L Sprayer

Ideal for cleaning and disinfection. Made with resistant materials (viton seals and polypropylene tank) in...

What is facade waterproofing, what is it for?

How does a facade water repellent maintain a house facade
To make a façade water-repellent makes possible to waterproof a building, so it is more resistant to external aggression.

Mabi offers you a complete range

To spray façade waterproofing and moss-removal, we recommend that you follow the product manufacturer’s instructions regarding the number of layers to be applied and the quantity per m².

Tips for roof treatment

The roof of your house protects you so take care of it!
Over the years, mosses, algae and lichens cause damage especially on the tiles.
Their accumulation promotes water retention and makes the tiles porous.
When waterlogged, tiles can break under the effect of frost.
For aesthetic reasons, a roof filled with moss will give a neglected and dirty look.
It is therefore necessary to regularly maintain the roofs here are MABI’s recommendations:


2/Rinse with cleaner

3/Spray the product fungicide, anti-moss…