High-Pressure Mechanical Injection packer 14x110mm x100


Metal injection packer for concrete waterproofing and crack repair

Ø14 x 110mm

Bag of 100 units


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High-pressure mechanical injection packer with zerk fitting for concrete injection repair and waterproofing.
High-pressure packers can be used with one and two-component resins used for concrete crack injection repair jobs.
Suitable for epoxy, PU and PUR, and acrylate resins. 

Color: Silver

Size: Ø14 x 110mm

Rubber part outer diameter: 12.8mm (use a 14mm SDS drill)

Internal diameter: 2.5mm

Internal diameter grease nipple : 1.8mm

Material: Steel and aluminium

Connection type: Zerk fitting/ grease nipple

Non-return valve: Metal ball in the grease nipple

Pressure: 20 to 250 BAR 
(Note: the maximum pressures indicated may vary depending on the type of support and its condition.)


Install the injection packer in the 10mm drill hole fully inserting the rubber part inside the support.
Screw the packer (M5) to expand the rubber seal and ensure that the injector is held in the hole.
Using a grease nipple coupling, connect the pump to the mechanical injection packer and inject.
After the injection, the rubber part remains in the borehole.
The other part can be removed either by breaking it with a hammer or by unscrewing it.


Diameter 10mm reference 01090100
Diameter 14mm reference 01090101


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