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Information for treat wood-boring insects 


This stage’s aim is to see the extent of the damages and reach the sound wood.

It has to be done with a manual scraper. For painted woods, you have to use an abrasive disk.
Without doing this stage, sprayed insecticide products would stay on the wood’s exterior surface and not penetrate it.

Brush and drill

Then the scrapped parts have to be cleaned with a metallic brush to eliminate the dust.
Drill 3 to 5 holes per meter with a Wood Auger bit, in a horizontal line or in staggered
rows depending on the wood section. 2/3 of the beam thickness is the depth to respect.
For very large sections of wood (> 20/20 cm), the holes are made on the two opposite sides of the wood pieces.

Drill into the beam ends and joists to deliver chemical in the timber inside the mansonry.


The aim is to stop the termite progress into the timber and eliminate termites which cannot be reached by a surface treatment.

  • Drive in the plastic injectors with a hammer.
    Inject the insecticide treatment product between 5 and 15 BAR until saturation by using a gun and an injection tip combined with a MABI pump 

The Mabi injectors prevent chemical backflow to enhance the spreading of the termiticide inside timber and kill the termite colony.


Finally, adapt a spray nozzle to your gun to spray the wood preservative chemical over all wooden surfaces between 20 and 40 BAR.
You will destroy all wood-boring insects surrounding and get lasting protection against future attacks of wood destroying organisms.

Combine this approved method with a termiticide / insecticide, for example Corpol (Quimunsa), Xilix 3000P (Adkalis) or any other brand labelled for this pest in your country.

Increase the efficiency of your wood-boring insects treatments and your safety with MABI injectors, a backflow-prevention system. Save your property from destructive wood-boring insects.