Inj. ø9.5 mm without head brown


For the biggest wood pieces: half-perimeter ≥ 17 cm

Bag of 8000 units.


(€0.03 euros)


Injector without head. Diameter 9.5mm injectors are recommended for the injection of wood preservative chemical into big timber sections (with a half-perimeter more than 17 cm).

They prevent chemical backflow during the injection with their one-way valve.

Use a 9.5mm drill bit.

With headless injectors, inject with a male injection nozzle.

After completing the wood treatment, you can hide the injectors with a cap (the caps allow reinjection) or a wooden plug.

Diameter 9.5 MM

Length 37MM

Headless connection type

Non-return system: Metal ball

Material: High density polyethylene

Pressure 1 to 30 bar (note the maximum pressures indicated may vary depending on the type of support and its condition.)

Packaging 8000

Colors: Brown ref 01030002
Beige ref 01030001
White ref 01030000

Useful for termite treatments, woodworm treatments, dry rot treatment.

More information about the methodology here


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