Inj. Ø9.5 mm with setter brown x3000


Plastic injector with zerk fitting + removable head for installation.

The removable head eliminates the need of a sinking tool during injector installation.

Ø9,5 x 46mm

Box of 3000 units


(€0.04 boite)

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The Ø9,5 injector is recommended for wood preservative chemical injections in larger sections of timber (with a semiperimeter greater than 17cm). The no-return valve prevents chemical backflow during injections. The special injector head allows you to directly strike the injector with a hammer, eliminating the need of a sinking tool. After injection, the protective plastic is removed leaving the grease nipple head.

Color: Brown

Size: Ø9,5 x 46mm

Material: High quality plastic

Non return valve: Steel ball

Connection type: Grease nipple/ zerk fitting
(Inject with a female injection nozzle.)

Pressure: 1 to 30 bar 
(Note: the maximum pressures indicated may vary depending on the type of support and its condition.)


Data sheet

With grease nipple
Diameter Ø
Material type

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