XILIX Gel Fongi 20L



Ready to use solvent-based wood preservative with protection against:

- wood boring insects

- termites

- fungi

Ready to use

A biocide certification is mandatory

Export restrictions


XILIX Gel fongi 20L for wood boring insects, terrmites, fungi. A biocide certification is mandatory. 

Fungicide, Insecticide, anti-termite efficacy:

Effective in preventive and curative wood treatment used in constructions against: Basidiomycetes, Wood boring beetles (House Longhorn beetle, lyctus, powderpost beetle) and termites. 

The performance of XILIX GEL FONGI+ has been established:

- on the one hand, according to standard EN599 (Durability of wood: Performance criteria for preventive wood preservation products from of biological tests) in order to be able to guarantee wood protection against the risks of use class 1, 2 and 3.1 as defined in the standard EN335, from standardized preventive efficacy tests: - EN46 against hylotrupes bajulus, EN118 against termites and EN113 against basidiomycetes,.

- and, on the other hand, according to standard EN14128 (Durability of wood: Performance criteria for curative wood preservation products from biological tests), from standardized curative efficacy tests: - EN22 against hylotrupes bajulus, - EN370 against Anobium punctatum woodworms.

The preventive effectiveness checks were carried out after the EN73 accelerated aging test (evaporation test) in order to guarantee the durability of the product applied XILIX GEL FONGI+. XILIX GEL FONGI+ meets the requirements of the ILX MQ 09-314 standard of the CTB-A + for an application without injection in curative treatment of timber.


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