High pressure pump for liquid products.

- injection and spraying of solvent-based and water-based wood treatment chemicals (wood preservatives)

- spraying of anti-moss (except chlorine or equivalent) and facade water repellents 

- solvent-based and water-based


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High-pressure pump for liquid products, ideal for the treatment of the frames against termites, fungus, wood-boring insects:

- injection and spraying of treatment products (wood and masonry)
- spraying of anti-foam (except chlorine or equivalent)
- colorless water repellents, solvent-based products, aqueous phases.

It is not necessary to pierce the decompression cap on the pressure gauge, just make sure you build up the pump pressure very gradually. 


High pressure
Pressure: 90BAR MAX
Output flow: 8 L /MIN
Weight: 31KG
Dimensions 32x52x31.5cm
IP 44 protection
Noise level: 77dB

Advantages :

- With the modular option
- New ergonomics
- Anti-slip rubber pad
- Excellent quality-price ratio.
- Simple and space-saving frame
- Brass cylinder head, ceramic piston, Teflon seals
- Easy maintenance

MABI 8HP pumps are not recommended for products containing chlorine, bleach, gels, colored water repellent, paints, lacquers, varnishs, epoxy and polyurethane resins.

Find the accessories for the MABI 8 HP pump:

Options for the pump click here

Hoses, couplings click here

Spray extensions, nozzles click here

Oil, seal kits click here


Hose winder option ref 03090615

Right protective side ref 03090631

Left protective side ref 03090632

Accessory kit with threaded couplings ref 03810133
Accessory kit with rapid steel couplings ref 03810134
Accessory kit with stainless steel rapid couplings ref 03810135

More information on the treatment method here

Watch how-to videos here. 



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