High-Pressure Injector ø12 With head in 2 parts per 500


2 part high-pressure plastic injector for crack repair and leak sealing
(Both parts sold together)

Ø12 x 60mm

Bag of 500 units


(€0.60 boite)

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High-pressure injector with zerk fitting for leak sealing and concrete crack repair.
Injector sold with it's anchoring sleeve.
The anchoring sleeve expands as you insert the injector creating a stronger hold in the concrete.
Suitable for epoxy, PU and PUR polyurethane resins.

Color: Grey

Size: Ø12 x 60mm

Material: High density polyethylene

Connection type: Zerk fitting/ grease nipple

Non-return valve: 3mm steel ball

Pressure: 1 to 150 bar
(Note: the maximum pressures indicated may vary depending on the type of support and its condition.)


Data sheet

With head
Diameter Ø
Material type

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