MABI Airless diaphragm pump 4.5L


Robust and reliable AIRLESS pump easy to maintain.

Mainly used for gel or liquid wood treatment preservatives. Damp proofing cream or liquid. Paints, water repellents and varnishes.


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AIRLESS diaphragm pump, mainly used for treatment liquid products, paints, colored water repellents and varnishes.


Pressure: 220 BAR
Max outlet flow: 4.5 L / MIN
Weight: 35KG
Maximum nozzle: 031
Motor: 112 KW

Foldable handle for an easy storage and transportation
Big wheels with rubber tires for all kind of floors, stairs or hard-to-reach areas
High-performance engine for endurance and long life
Complete accessories pump delivered ready to use
Membrane/diaphragm technology simple and efficient for the most reliable pump

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Our diaphragm pumps are delivered with the useful and indispensable protective cap for transport and storage. 

It prevents dirt from falling in, blocking the pump or damaging the diaphragm. It is an indispensable protection when the suction pipe or the tank is dismantled. 


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