Reparaturset für Druckregler


Repair kit for the regulator.

These wearing parts should be replaced periodically as a preventive measure or when the pressure is irregular.

For 8BP and 8HP pumps.

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Regulator seal kit includes:

- Anti-extrusion ring x1

- Viton seal D=6.75*1.78 x1

- Anti-extrusion ring OR117 x2

- Viton seal 2.62*13.10 x1

- O-ring 20,24x2.62 (cap) x1

- Ball seat x1

- Viton seal D=17.17*1.78 x1

- Stainless steel ball ø10.31 x1

- Viton seal D=9.92*2.62 x1


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Accessoires POMPE 8L ECO
pompe Mabi 8Leco HP

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