XILIX TMU multi-purpose 60L


- Insecticide

- Fungicide

- Termiticide

Ready to use

Export restrictions may apply


Preventive / remedial treatment, insecticide, fungicide and anti-termite product for timber used in housing. 

Preventive efficacy against basidiomycetes (wood-decay fungi), wood boring insects (old house borer, lyctus, powderpost beetle) and termites.

Curative efficacy against old house borer, lyctus, powderpost beetle.

The performances of the product XILIX TMU Multi-purpose have been established:

- on the one hand, according to standard EN599 (Durability of wood: Performance criteria for preventive wood preservation products from biological tests) in order to be able to guarantee wood protection against the risks of use class 1 to 3.1 as defined in standard EN335, from standardized preventive efficacy tests: - EN46 against hylotrupes bajulus, - EN118 against termites, - and EN330 against basidiomycetes,

- and, on the other hand, according to the EN14528 standard (Durability of wood: Performance criteria for curative wood preservation products from biological tests), from standardized curative efficacy tests: - EN1390 against hylotrupes bajulus, - EN370 against Anobium punctatum woodworms

The preventive effectiveness checks were carried out after the accelerated aging test EN73 (evaporation test) and / or EN84 (washout test) in order to guarantee the durability of the product applied XILIX TMU Multi-purpose.


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