Injecting rod Ø12mm analog flowmeter


Injecting rod diameter 12mm with low pressure analog flowmeter.

For injection against rising humidity (rising damp) and anti-termite treatment at low pressure without injectors.

The chemical resistant thick polyurethane valve joint inflates to plug the borehole and seal it during the injection to prevent backflow.


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Rod with low pressure meter for injection against capillary rise and low-pressure anti-termite treatment without injectors. The thick polyurethane gland inflates to plug the borehole and make a seal, abrasion and chemical resistant.

Each rod is delivered without couplings, order separetly 1 male low pressure quick coupling or 1 Male/Male connector depending on your equipment.


Tube length = 25CM.
Equipped with a low pressure analog flowmeter (Maximum pressure 16 Bar- Maximum flow 70L / MIN).
Material: stainless steel rod + PU valve joint

For drill holes diameter 12mm

Other models on request, including in Diameter 14mm REF 04080061


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Accessoires POMPE 8L ECO
Pompe Mabi 25L BP