LED projector 20 W with battery


Compact and versatile, impact resistant (corner protection) Integrated Lithium-Ion battery.


20W LED projector with battery, indoor & outdoor use. The versatil spotlight that fits wherever you need light!


Rechargeable versatile projector for indoor and outdoor use
IP 54 protection 
For lighting even in places without an electrical network
Integrated Li-Ion battery,
Protected against underloads and overloads,
Battery charge indicator,
On-off switch,
2 lighting modes: 100% and 50%,
Powerbank function: 1A USB charger socket for devices with USB charging cable such as smartphones, MP3 players, tabletts, etc.
Charging with micro-USB socket (5V, 2A),
Die-cast aluminum housing, corner protection with high-quality plastic material,
Resistant to shocks and drops up to 3 meters,
Stable, adjustable and foldable frame. Compact and versatile, impact resistant (corner protection)
Magnetic support.


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